International Red Panda Day 2020

On September 19, 2020, despite the health crisis that had been raging for several months in the world, the 11th International Day of the Red Panda was celebrated: For some, in a virtual way, through videos, videoconferences ... Others were present in the field, with masks, hydoalcoholic gels and other protective measures.

The main thing is to raise awareness about the preservation of the little panda, no matter how! In France, 15 zoological parks decided to take part in the event: The animal park of Ste Croix, on September 5-6, the park of Clères, the zoo of Amiens, the animal and botanical park of Mulhouse, the animal park of Auvergne and the menagerie of the garden of the plants, on all the weekend of September 19-20, the zoo of Bordeaux-Pessac, Touroparc, the zooparc of Trégomeur the park of Reynou and the zoo of Champrépus on the D-day, Saturday, September 19th, the african safari on Sunday, September 20th, the zoo of Boissière-du-Doré, the weekend of September 26th-27th, the PAL on September 27th, and the zoological reserve of St Martin la Plaine on October 3-4th.

CPPR teams visited six of these parks.

Return in images on these events:

This year, despite the health situation, the CPPR volunteers redoubled their efforts, and the public was very present! A record of 4000€ was raised for our partner in Nepal, the Red Panda Network, three-quarters of this amount is allocated to the reforestation campaign, with the remainder going to the park ranger program.

To participate in the reforestation campaign, click here !

And if you also want to get involved in the preservation of the Red Panda, do not hesitate to contact us, to talk about it around you, and help us to make them known!

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