Events 2020

The beginning of 2020 was marked by the global coronavirus crisis and the containment of several countries. France was no exception. As far as events are concerned, we have therefore been forced to postpone some and cancel others. But like every year, the zoos that
We were very pleased with the events we hosted, and our volunteers were delighted with them! A look back at these events:

ZooParc of Trégomeur

On 14 July, the ZooParc de Trégomeur opened our event season. Although the weather was cool and windy, the zoo staff gave our team a warm welcome. We were placed in the heart of a large area where we were able to set up, given the constraints of
In order to achieve the social distancing associated with Covid-19, five different locations were identified: The shop, the make-up, the colouring, the bamboo race game and the 'information' grid.

After a relatively calm end of the morning, the regular passage of visitors made us rub shoulders with people who were attentive and interested in the actions of the CPPR. A beautiful day, enriching exchanges!

Our thanks to the entire Zoo team, and of course to the visitors who surprise us every time with their curiosity, their desire to know more, their judicious questions and their support.

Domaine de La Bourbansais

The superb setting of the Domaine de la Bourbansais welcomed us on Friday 16 July. The weather was ideal, with the sun's mild rays reflecting the serenity of the place. Opposite the red pandas' enclosure, a large area was dedicated to us, scrupulously respecting the constraints of social distancing linked to Covid-19. Here we set up the shop, the make-up table, the colouring table and the "bamboo race" game table. Information boards adorned the walls of the pandas' enclosure.

As soon as the installations were completed and the Bourbansais Zoo opened at 10 a.m., under the tremendous and adorable mobilization of all the zoo's teams, visitors flocked to our site. Questions about the red panda and our actions, a lot of interest and a lot of support for the reforestation programme "adopt a tree" and the purchase of various souvenirs.

Many children and adults (first of all the animal caretakers and other zoo staff) became the new red pandas, thanks to the make-up, for a day in the park. Many of them took part in the "panda challenge", some of them winning, but most of all, happy losers who were delighted to discover the red panda, its origin, its habits and the dangers that threaten it.
Our sincere thanks to the whole team of the Domaine de la Bourbansais and to the many visitors, a day rich in sharing

Domaine de Pescheray

The weekend of 15-16 August was dedicated to the Conservation of endangered species, at the Domaine de Pescheray. Several associations had responded to the invitation: ABConservation (Arctictis Binturong Conservation), LPO Sarthe (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux), MakiGo, the CPIE 72 (Centre Permanent d'Initiatives pour l'Environnement), and of course a team from the CPPR... in fact, the members of the Bureau almost in full!

The "association village" was set up at the crossroads of the two zoo routes, allowing all visitors to pass in front of the stands, spaced out from each other, to respect safety distances. The public flocked all weekend, under a summery weather and a warm atmosphere. The various associations offered all sorts of fun and informative activities, as well as a central make-up area. On the CPPR side, the games were a great success, as usual, and the public paid attention to our reforestation campaign.

A big thank you to the team of the Domaine de Pescheray for their welcome and their good mood. A successful weekend!

Le Pal Nature Foundation Day

On 25 October 2020, the Le Pal Wildlife and Attraction Park opened its doors for the 9th Le Pal Nature Foundation Day. Nearly 3000 visitors were present, despite very mixed weather conditions, and 11 associations were present: ATO (conservation centre for
primates), CCC (chimpanzee conservation centre), Association Courir pour les animaux, Graines d'éleveurs du Vercors, Help Simus (for the safeguarding of the great hapalemur), LPO AURA - Auvergne, MakiGo (protection of life), P-WAC (preservation of chimpanzees and small monkeys), SANCCOB (protection of South African coastal birds), Stand Up 4 Elephants, Ikamaperu (protection of neotropical primates and their habitat), and of course the CPPR!

It was a beautiful day, rich in encounters and exchanges, as Alexis, the secretary, points out: "We really feel that the public is well-informed and committed to the animal cause! It is always a great pleasure to be able to participate in the event". We thank the Pal and the Fondation Le Pal Nature
for this great organisation and their always warm welcome.

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