International Red Panda Day

The International Red Panda Day is an initiative of the Red Panda Network (RPN). It exists since 2010 and takes place on the third Saturday of September!


The aim of the special day is to raise awareness about the conservation of the small panda while raising funds for RPN, which will use the money to train rangers and continue its field research on the red panda's habitat. With the funds raised, RPN also plans to build a conservation centre in Nepal, which will educate visitors about the value of local natural resources and the unique species that has made it its home, the red panda.

For more information on the RPN and its work in Nepal, please visit their website:

What activities can be offered on this occasion?

Whether you are a zoo, a school, a leisure centre or even an individual, here are a number of fun activities you can organise on International Red Panda Day:

- Making of masks, make-up, origami...

- Reading of stories (the CPPR offers some on the website)

- Conference on the conservation of endangered species (with the example of the red panda!)

- Putting up explanatory signs to raise awareness

- Red Panda Ranger" pack (*) (download from here )

- Drawing competition

– Tombola

- Stand with explanatory panels and sale of various objects (photos, frames, badges, key rings, soft toys, etc.)

If you have other ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us!

(*) "Red Panda Ranger" is a special title given to children who help spread the word, raising awareness about the red panda. To become a "Red Panda Ranger" you have to "climb" each of the five mountains on the given map by completing activities for each level.