Events 2021

Once again, the beginning of 2021 was marked by the Covid health crisis and some events were cancelled.

Nevertheless, we have been able to increase our interventions despite the ever-present difficulties in finding volunteers to support us on the stands. The more people we have, the better we can inform, explain and exchange.

As always, the teams from different zoos have welcomed the CPPR with warmth, dynamism and support, clearly showing our common objective of awareness raising, preservation and conservation of threatened species. Their involvement and motivation reinforce our actions and the recognition of the CPPR increases every year.

Many thanks to all these structures!

A look back at the 2021 events:

Jurques Zoo

On Saturday 26 June, Jurques Zoo hosted the CPPR and for the occasion, admission for children aged 3 to 11 was free, and a competition with a draw to win an annual pass to the zoo had been set up, with a ballot box placed on the CPPR stand.

On an overcast and often rainy day, we set up in the educational room, a strategic point because it is at the crossroads, near the entrance and exit, right next to the restaurant and the playground. The shop was set up inside the room, opposite the door, with make-up and colouring on the left, and the "panda challenge" game on the right; the other games (bingo, puzzle and bamboo race) were positioned outside, on either side of the door (which was wide open), with kakemonos next to the door, also outside.

Several activities: feeding at 11.30 am, commented by a CPPR volunteer, then enrichment at 2 pm, also commented by a CPPR volunteer, and finally medical training at 4 pm, this time commented by a zoo staff member.

A huge thank you to all the zoo staff for their welcome and kindness and their support throughout the year. Indeed, the CPPR games were on sale in their own shop throughout the season !!!!

Zooparc of Trégomeur

On 13 and 14 July, the ZooParc of Trégomeur received the CPPR team.

Under a mild sun, we set up the various tables: the shop, the colouring and the "bamboo race" game on one side, the red panda lotto and puzzle game on the other, a make-up table in front.

The large audience was attentive, interested and gave us many smiles hidden behind their mask, but revealed by sparkling eyes!

Some competed in the 'panda challenge' and there were winners !!!!

Many were interested in the reforestation programme and no less than 30 trees were adopted.

As with every intervention at the Trégomeur ZooParc, the team of caretakers, the communication department, the management and all the staff gave us a very warm welcome, listening and constant support.

Many thanks to the ZooParc of Trégomeur and to the public who accompanied us throughout these two beautiful days.

Domaine de la Bourbansais

On Friday 16 July 2021, the Domaine de la Bourbansais invited the CPPR to its wonderful space.

Under a beautiful sunshine accompanied by welcome light gusts of wind, we settled in front of the Red Panda enclosure.

4 Tables + information boards, Kakemonos and CPPR banner :

  • the shop
  • colouring and the "bamboo race" game
  • the red panda lotto game and puzzle
  • the make-up table.

From noon onwards, the public spontaneously came to meet us with many questions about the red pandas, which we answered with great pleasure as we felt the interest, the need to learn more, both for children and adults.

With 5 volunteers on the stand, we were able to take turns responding to requests and spend much more time raising awareness. A very receptive, attentive and grateful public.

The wonderful team of the Domaine de la Bourbansais supported us with a real and concrete participation throughout this day in a wonderful good mood.

A large part of the staff came to be made up, thus offering us a remarkable publicity, parts also of mad laughter, participation in the challenge of the pandas!

A huge thank you for this very motivating support !!!!


On Sunday 1 August 2021, Biotropica hosted the CPPR for the first time.

The stand was placed at the entrance of the Asian garden, at the level of the Balinese house, a strategic location because it was a must-see, in and out. The stand was set up on both sides of the "house": one side with two tables spaced out, one for colouring and the puzzle, the other for the red panda bingo and the bamboo race; the other side with the shop and a small table for make-up. The information kakemonos and the banner with the name of the association were placed in front of the entrance.

The outcome of this first event at Biotropica was positive. The public was very responsive and interested. Many people stopped by the stand, in particular to play the red panda lottery, the bamboo race, and some challenged themselves to the "panda challenge". Thank you to all the park staff for their hospitality, and in particular to Jessica and Sarah, who really looked after our volunteers.

Domaine de Pescheray

On 14 and 15 August 2021 the CPPR celebrated the conservation weekend at Pescheray Zoo.

Like last year, the "village of associations" (CPPR, MakiGo and Pescheray conservation) was set up at the crossroads of the two zoo routes, allowing all visitors to pass in front of the activities.

A large table for the shop, and two tables at a good distance for colouring, the puzzle, the bamboo race and the red panda lottery. A last table in the middle of the "village", to share the make-up with MakiGo.

A good understanding, conviviality and the zoo team always taking care of us.
Many thanks!!!

Parc Animalier d’Auvergne

Also on 14 and 15 August, the CPPR participated in the Endangered Species Days at the Parc Animalier d'Auvergne, organised by the Passerelle conservation, the zoo's foundation. In all, 11 organisations were invited, including 6 conservation associations and 5 other exhibitors from local ecologically oriented businesses (beekeepers, vegan candles for example).

We were all grouped together in the village of associations, in addition to two stands run by volunteers from La Passerelle.

The very strong heat of Saturday and the violent wind of Sunday played in our disadvantage and the public passed quickly, thus avoiding the animations, (hardly 1000 visitors is ¼ of the usual attendance).

A great adventure: Louis, aged 11, was keen to volunteer at our stand from 10am to 4.30pm. To prepare himself to answer questions, he had made detailed cards on the red panda, which he had learned by heart. After a few explanations about our educational games, Louis was soon able to lead the panda challenge with children and then two families during the day.

Thank you all!

ZooSafari de Thoiry

On 28 and 29 August, the CPPR was invited for the first time by the ZooSafari of Thoiry.

The stand was placed at the level of the playground and the picnic area, ideal for the passage of the public.

One table for the shop, one for the bamboo race and lotto, another for colouring and the puzzle.

Next door, the Thoiry team had set up a large fresco of a red panda to paint, puzzles, the Memory game, and did the make-up.

Ice cream sale on Saturday and crêpes on Sunday.

On Saturday, sponsor's day, our shop stock almost melted!

Two great days! A great collaboration and a strong involvement of the zoo team and all the volunteers present during these two days contributed to the success of this event

Many thanks to you all!

Fort-Mardyck Zoo

On 11 and 12 September, for the first time, the CPPR went to the Fort-Mardyck zoo.

In the run-up to the event, there was remarkable publicity on social networks, posters on the city's bus stops, messages on the radio and exceptional organisation, all of which was masterfully orchestrated by the Zoo's educational team.

On Friday evening, at the request of the educational team, Anne-Gwénaël, our vice-president, gave a talk on red pandas and the association.

Conference followed by a very convivial moment in the restaurant with the whole team.

Le zoo avait invité le dessinateur de bande dessinée BLOZ sur les 2 après-midis, où il a animé un atelier « apprendre à dessiner un panda roux »,et vente d’une planche de dessins originaux.

The educational team had prepared a paper casserole workshop with the image of the red panda and Youyou, the mascot, was walking among the delighted children and adults.

The association "Friends of the Zoo" was also present and active in selling candyfloss and popcorn, to give the CPPR a cheque for support.

We were all gathered in the centre of the zoo, not far from the red pandas.

In a courtyard, there is a table for the shop, a table for games, a table for face painting, and a table for the "adopt a tree" campaign.

Twice a day, at 11am and 3pm the CPPR commented on the feeding.

The audience was very open, very interested, attentive and generous.

Two exceptional days both in terms of revenue and the quality of the contacts and performances of all.

A huge thank you to all !!!!!!

Le Pal animal park and amusement park

On Sunday 10 October, the CPPR participated in the Pal Nature Foundation Day.

For the occasion, only the animal part of the site was open, and a number of associations were invited, and dispersed throughout the park.

Our stand: A large 5*8m tent, placed next to the red pandas' enclosure, in front of the gibbons' building. We arranged the stand as follows:

  • A large table with colouring pages, the red panda lotto and the puzzle
  • A large table with the bamboo race and the presentation of the AuA campaign
  • A large table for the shop
  • An information grid in addition to our kakemonos, next to the tent.
  • A panel with a painted red panda, where the children could put their heads through a hole in the panda's head (panel lent by the zoo)

In addition, we had the "panda challenge", in "travelling" mode.

Conclusion : A great day ! As usual, the zoo and foundation teams were at their best, and the visitors were there! They came in waves.

The "panda challenge" was led by the two young volunteers from the foundation who accompanied us in the morning, and was a great success, as usual!

Children came to do an on-camera interview, which will be the subject of a series of publications on the foundation's social networks, to highlight the various associations present.

A huge thank you to the teams of the zoo and the foundation Le Pal Nature for their dynamism, their kindness and their wonderful involvement!

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