International Red Panda Day 2021

On September 18, 2021, the 12th edition of the International Red Panda Day took place. This event, initiated by our partner the Red Panda Network (RPN), aims to raise awareness about the preservation of the little panda and its habitat, and to raise funds for actions in Nepal.

Despite the global health crisis that was still raging, 17 French zoological parks took part in the event, a new record for the territory! The CPPR teams were present in 7 of them: La Haute Touche Zoological Reserve, Sainte Croix Animal Park, Amiens Zoo, Clères Park, Lille Zoo, Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Park, and Espace zoologique Saint-Martin la Plaine.

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This year, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, and thanks to all those who came to our stands, we set a new record; 5000€ were donated to the RPN, for the reforestation campaign, the training of forest guards and the equipment of local populations.

A huge thank you to the structures that welcome us and trust us, and to all those who support us and without whom none of this would be possible.

If you also want to contribute to our reforestation campaign, it's here.
And if you want to become a volunteer, sign up, and participate actively in the actions of the Association, do not hesitate to contact us join !

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