International Red Panda Day 2017

On September 16, 2017, the 8th International Red Panda Day (IRPD) took place around the world, and the 4th French edition! As you know, the IRPD was created by the Red Panda Network (RPN), the American Association for the Protection of the Red Panda, to raise awareness of the preservation of this animal as many people as possible, and to raise funds to support their actions in the field, especially in Nepal.

For more information on the RPN, click here.

This year, 13 French parks participated in the event: The Espace zoologique St Martin-la-Plaine (02/09), the Haute Touche zoological reserve (15/08), the La Flèche zoo (09 and 10/09), the Jardin des Plantes Menagerie, the Le Pal Nature Foundation-supported the animal park of Ste Croix, Touroparc, the zooparc of Trégomeur, the Park of Clères, the Animal and Botanical Park of Mulhouse, the zoo of La Boissière-du-Doré (on 24/09), the zoo of Jurques (on 08/10) and the zoo of Bordeaux-Pessac (on 23/10) 

CPPR was present in 6 of these parks.

On the stands, various activities and animations were proposed, games, quizzes, face painting, a conference, and of course our store, to raise funds for the RPN! In spite of the bad weather on the different days, the public was present and very receptive to our conservation message and our actions.

Back in pictures on the different events:

CPPR stand at La Flèche zoo
The Panda Challenge, a successful game!
Alexis, our secretary!
Educational panels at the ZooParc of Trégomeur
CPPR store at Jurques Zoo
CPPR stand at Clères Park

In the Park of Clères, in addition to the CPPR stand and the stand held by the educational service, 5 students of the "panda club" of the college of Doudeville came to participate in the IRPD on Saturday afternoon. They were accompanied by two of their teachers. Under their tent, they proposed objects to sell, with the effigy of this particular day and the red panda, and manual activities (confection of animals in clay and origami). They also animated the game "the bamboo race", which we had put at their disposal. One of their teachers testifies: "The proximity of the animal and the fact that they were able to exchange through games or selling objects with other people really pleased them. They grow a little more each time. This experience has given them the desire to continue doing things."

We were touched by the commitment of these children, who really put all their heart into their work. Congratulations to the Panda Club of Doudeville College!

This year, 2000€ were raised for the NPR. We would like to thank all the parks that made this event possible.

If you also want to get involved in the preservation of the Red Panda, do not hesitate to contact us, to talk about it around you, and help us to make them known!

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