Events 2016

In 2016, CPPR volunteers visited four zoological parks and a secondary school to raise awareness of red panda conservation among young and old.

The Clères Park Festival

On 12 and 13 March 2016, we were invited to come and run a stand at the spring reopening of the Parc de Clères, near Rouen. Six volunteers were present to run workshops, a shop, or simply to answer the numerous questions of the visitors... because it is under a blue sky and a radiant sun that nearly 3000 people came, during these two days!

For the occasion, the Parc de Clères had also invited three other associations: Kalaweit, the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) and the Groupe Mammalogique Normand (GMN). Park employees also had stands to talk about their respective jobs: animal caretaker, vet and gardener.

The results of this weekend were more than positive and very encouraging for the beginning of the year! The public was sensitive to the actions carried out, and often very receptive to our words. The launch of our shop on this occasion also went very well. The event served as a test for us to refine our thinking and present a stand and products that are best suited to our needs.

We would like to thank the Parc de Clères for its invitation and its welcome, and our team of volunteers: Anne-Gwénaël, Clarisse, Fanny, Maeva, Maïlys and Michel. Good humour and a great spirit!

Conservation weekend at the Parc de la Pépinière in Nancy

On 4 and 5 June 2016, four associations were invited to come and run a stand at the "conservation weekend" organised at the Parc de la Pépinière in Nancy: ABConservation (for the binturongs), ATO Benin (collection centre for primates), Gorilla Rescue Center (for the protection of great apes) and of course, our CPPR volunteers!

As Saturday's event was cancelled due to a storm by prefectural decree, the associations worked hard on Sunday to raise awareness among a maximum number of people and promote their actions.

The CPPR volunteers took the opportunity to display the Association's new shop. On the stand, stuffed animals, puppets, key rings, bracelets and embroidered cloth bags were a big hit!

In the end, in spite of the bad weather, our volunteers had a great time, shared their experiences and tested the new products in the shop. Interesting meetings and a good atmosphere were the order of the day! Thanks to our volunteers Maeva, Michel and Alexis.

André Raimbourg College in Doudeville

On 16 June 2016 Anne-Gwénaël, our vice-president, accepted an invitation from the André Raimbourg secondary school in Doudeville (76). The "Sustainable Development" club, composed of students from 5th The school had planned a day dedicated to the protection of the environment and biodiversity, and eleven students had specifically organised this particular day around the protection of the Red Panda.

Our vice-president was very impressed by the flawless organisation, the very warm and generous welcome, and above all the investment of these eleven students, but also by the work and organisation of this day by the Club in its entirety: conferences given by the CPPR and the CHENE (Centre d'Hébergement et d'Etudes sur la Nature et l'Environnement) and the corresponding workshops, and exhibitions on the theme of endangered species, one of which was devoted exclusively to the Red Panda.

Anne-Gwenaël presented our protégé in the form of two conferences (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), and two workshops designed by another volunteer of the Association, Maeva Reschmann, based on the "Red Panda Ranger" game, initiated by the Red Panda Network. The results far exceeded expectations, especially on the highest level of the game, which consisted of two separate questions for different ages: "you become a ranger, what are you going to do to protect the Red Panda" and "imagine the most perfect enclosure for a panda cub in captivity in Europe".

The results of this day are more than positive. The students showed so much motivation, dynamism, heart, enthusiasm and intelligence in every sense of the word that the moment of the donation ceremony was very moving, as the 11 students who devoted themselves to the defence of the little pandas received a donation of 150.00 Euros from the school management.

The entire CPPR team would like to thank Mr. Bertrand, Ms. Stalin, and all the students of the sustainable development club for their welcome, generosity, passion and enthusiasm.

Pont-Scorff Zoo

On Saturday 16 July 2016, the CPPR was invited by the Pont-Scorff zoo near Lorient (Morbihan), to hold a stand under a blue sky and a summer sun. Our team was ideally placed, right in front of the enclosure of the Red Pandas, Lynn and Zahyu. We offered different activities and a new educational game for the whole family: The Panda Challenge!

Our volunteers were also selling our Association's stuffed animals, bracelets, key rings etc... Usually fed at 9am and 6pm, Lynn and Zahyu exceptionally had three feedings, at 11am, 2pm and 4pm, allowing us to meet the public and share our passion and knowledge.

This first event of the CPPR at the zoo of Pont-Scorff was very well received, as much by the organisers as by the public, who were very willing to play! More than forty little pandas wearing make-up walked through the park, and the visitors were sensitive to our activities.

We would like to thank the whole zoo team, especially Clémence and Lucie, for their warm welcome! Thanks also to our volunteers, Anne-Gwénaël, Sylvie, Alexandre and Yves, without whom these actions would not be possible.

Le Pal Nature Foundation Day

On Sunday 23 October 2016, six of our volunteers went to Le Pal following the invitation we received for the Le Pal Nature Foundation Day. 5 other associations were also present: Primate Project (chimpanzee conservation centre), ACTAG-PRW (in situ lion projects), Ikama Peru, Athenas Centre and Kalaweit.

So it was under a sunny sky that our volunteers set up a stand to prepare to receive the public. The public was quick to arrive, and throughout the day nearly 5,000 people attended, all of whom were very receptive to the message that the various associations were sharing.

On the CPPR side, the shop was taken by storm and our volunteers did not have enough stock to meet the demand!

Hélène, our president, who came for the occasion, testifies:

"It was a very nice day, with great encounters and a very receptive audience, which I think is a great thing. I think that mentalities are evolving and it's good to see.

Thank you to Justine, from the Le Pal Nature Foundation, and to the whole park team for their welcome! Thanks also to Adeline, Hélène, Marine, Alexis, Benjamin and David, our enthusiastic volunteers.

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